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  • Architects and Engineers Service
  • The complex construction design and management
  • Construction design for new buildings and existing buildings for renovation, reconstruction, restoration, demolition
  • Engineering projects for roads, water and sewer external and internal networks, heating, heating, ventilation, cooling and electrical systems
  • Buildings more energy efficient, low-energy buildings
  • Structure Survey and Research
  • Simplified reconstruction and renovation construction projects
  • Building a feasibility study and consultation before construction of the project conceptual design and preparation
  • Insulation calculation of design
  • Detailed planning projects – use change (transformation), land divisions (percolation), infrastructure planning, building alteration, etc. purposes
  • Small architectural forms and details (transformation), land divisions (percolation) etc. purposes
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Use a variety of complex structures
Construction Projects

A little about

kk architect

The company established in 2006. year, and its principal activity is the architectural design, constantly employing five experts from different fields.

Major’s own work out and implement construction projects are:

  • Apartment house reconstruction and Gertrude Wells Street corner in Riga
  • Fibreglass Know-Valmiera
  • Ventspils 6th Secondary School facade renovation
  • Multifamily housing complexes to improve energy efficiency in Ventspils Sarkanmuizas Dam 21
  • Sports medicine rehabilitation Krustabaznīcas street in Riga, etc.

Ventspils 6th Secondary School facade renovation was recognized as a 2007 and 2008 Best facade renovation of Ventspils and along with the rest of the building block LDS authors won the Design Award in 2009 for “Country, Sarkanmuizas dam and Liberty streets in Ventspils block color solution.”


mob. – 371 29493050

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